Asia (ex_7daysandn156) wrote in witch_yoohee,

Oh Yoo Hee, your drama kills me

Okay. Must vent/discuss since I'm using this weekend to catch up on episodes.

Regarding the whole scene where Moo Ryong beats up Joon Ha... Did it bother anyone else that everyone was all pissed at Moo Ryong for what he did? I mean I know the guy got beat up, but he had good intentions - he thought she was getting raped people, it's not like he did it spontaneously -_- And Seung Mi doesn't really help by telling him he shouldn't worry about Yoo Hee - even though he really thought there was a rape in progress. Honestly - wtf? Couldn't they be a little more understanding?

P.S. I was kind of on the fence about Bin's character up until this episode - usually the supporting actress is really vile and evil. Bin's character doesn't really do anything that makes her evil, she's actually being a pretty good girlfriend and a good sport about the whole situation but wow who else is tired of seeing her face e_e?
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